Still in high spirits at 4am!

WESC students keep the beat going at 24hr Radio Marathon!

20 March 2018

WESC Foundation students raised funds for their summer residential trips to San Francisco, Bristol and the Calvert Trust by running a non-stop, 24-hour, live radio marathon with a variety of guest speakers! On Friday 16 March 2018 five musi...

WESC will be open Tuesday 20 March

19 March 2018

WESC Foundation is reopening on Tuesday 20th March.  The College is open from 8am for residential students and the usual time for day students.  The School is open from 11am and students should arrive, as usual, at St David’s Reception....

Adverse weather: message to parents

18 March 2018

Due to the adverse weather WESC School and College will be closed tomorrow, Monday 19th March, for day students and residential students returning to WESC after the weekend. We will be updating the situation tomorrow as to whether we will b...

Well done Team LV for winning the BEST Charity Pub Quiz!

Team LV steal the show at WESC’s Pub Quiz

13 March 2018

The WESC Foundation BEST charity pub quiz, sponsored by Thomas Westcott, was a sell-out success last week! Around 20 teams from businesses and organisations from across Exeter battled it out to get their name on the coveted WESC pub quiz sh...


Now we're talking

Everybody has something to offer WESC, so I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about volunteering to come to meet the children and staff and find out how they can contribute. If you have a gap in your life or you’d like to learn a new skill or meet like-minded people, then please come and join us!

Angie, Volunteer - at WESC Foundation