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Summer Term School and College 2020 Information for parents

8 April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers WESC Foundation School and College We are writing to give you an update about how WESC Foundation’s School and College will be operating in the Summer Term. The Government guidance states that for all children the...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and WESC Foundation

8 April 2020

St David’s House residential care home and our supported living accommodation remain open, and people who normally live and receive support in those parts of our provision will continue to do so. School and College The Government guidance...

Eyelander Game

Computer game for visually-impaired children goes mobile

2 April 2020

A computer game which has been shown to improve functional vision in children with partial visual field loss, is now fully compatible with mobile devices.    Eyelander was developed by the University of Lincoln together with the WESC Fo...

Awards nomination for Exeter charity’s innovative talking till

1 April 2020

A talking till developed by WESC Foundation has been nominated for a national award. The audible point of sale (APOS) till – which can be operated independently by users with visual impairment and other disabilities – has been r...


Now we're talking

Everybody has something to offer WESC, so I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about volunteering to come to meet the children and staff and find out how they can contribute. If you have a gap in your life or you’d like to learn a new skill or meet like-minded people, then please come and join us!

Angie, Volunteer - at WESC Foundation