Pupil premium

Access technology

Since the introduction of Pupil Premium in March 2013 WESC Foundation to date (October 2016) has received £28,304.69.

In 2016 £8,165 has been received for nine Devon students.

Below is a list of just some of the equipment bought in 2016:

  • iPads
  • Communications software
  • Sensory equipment
  • Soundbeam
  • Training of staff in the use of resonance boards for learners.


Pupil Premium for 2015-16 has included expenditure on the training of staff in Soundabout techniques, Soundbeam and the use of iPads with young people with Severe and Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. In addition, we have been able to supply individuals with iPads where appropriate and other equipment and software that addresses communication and sensory needs. This has led to diversification in the use of resonance boards, wider ICT options and materials that stimulate the curiosity of individuals and thereby encourage learning.

In 2013/2014/2015 pupil premium was used to purchase various items of equipment which has provided great assistance in developing communication and mobility skills for the learners. All of which contributes to educational attainment as well as providing stimuli for youngsters with a sensory impairment. Items include:

  • Rompa musical positioning cushion
  • Caomaru stress ball
  • Bodysox and weighted blanket
  • Specially adapted tricycle
  • Bagbook story telling session
  • Intel reader
  • iPad with a retina display
  • Kayewalker
  • iTalk 2 communicator
  • iTunes vouchers
  • Talking GPS
  • Big button switches
  • Mobility equipment
  • Various items of sensory and tactile equipment

Regular meetings are held to discuss the various needs of each individual learner and how equipment can benefit them and meet their educational needs.

For further information about the Pupil Premium grant please contact info@wescfoundation.ac.uk.

WESC’s designated teacher for Pupil Premium is Nick Ware nware@wescfoundation.ac.uk.